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Focus - Monument Restoration

The concept of restoration is clear in everyone’s mind: it is an intervention aiming to safeguard or restore ‘a work’ to its original formal and historic condition. Architectural restoration refers to interventions carried out on a part or on an entire building of historical and artistic interest. In Italy these interventions are subject to specific laws specifying the guidelines for undertaking such work.
In Italy, one of the countries with highest number of protected cultural heritage works, the concept of Monument Restoration derives from years of cultural debate leading to the exclusion of Style Restoration as an intervention method, as it is considered deceptive.
The most widely practised approach is Scientific Restoration, where work on a building systematically respects the formal and structural elements and typology to permit its conservation, enhance its features and, compatibly with its intrinsic characteristics, make possible its use. Our studio is aware of how delicate this work is so we employ extremely modern historical analysis methods such as laser scanners and drones for aerial views. Much of our professional activity in the early years of the studio was centered on Monument Restoration. Subsequently, this restoration work was conceptually broadened to include modernity. Our numerous professional experiences in restoration project designing and worksite management are accompanied by intense participation in the national and international debate on the issue.

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