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A registered Architect since 2005, Ilenia Girolami graduated from the University of Florence in 2004 with 110/110 cum laude and a worthy of publication for her thesis on restoration and reconvertion of Florentine Medici Villas. She immediately started working as a professional architect while completing a stage with the Superintendence of Monuments of Firenze in collaboration with well-known Florentine professionals. Her experience extends from the Restoration of Monumental Buildings to the Interior Design of prestigious premises; her professional expertise ranges from projects for new builds for private or public clients, where she carefully considers everything down to the smallest detail. After her degree in 2004, the architect Girolami attended numerous specialization courses in interior design, lighting design, and bioarchitecture, including a post-graduate Master in Wellness and Fitness Area Design at the University of Bologna. Her passion for Contemporary Art and Design enriches her rigorous university education and over the years, she has worked professionally on many important projects involving villas, palaces and other historical and/or monumental buildings, mainly in Italy but also in other cultural contexts abroad. Overtime this has all become an integral part of a brilliant career with numerous awards. A singular  distinctness that has become a truly differentiating quality in contemporary catering, wellness, hospitality or specialized residential projects, harmonizing functionality and aesthetics, both in completely new contexts as well as contexts with significant historical origins. From the overall down to details and vice versa, because “our way of working means always having a greater focus than simply the project by considering the context in its entirety and complexity.”

Ilenia Girolami


We follow a certified itinerary with work advancement updates, economic situation details, 3D rendering, masterplans, and standardized technical and legal reports; the client is always informed and involved from the start of every phase. Our expertise regards the entire initial study, creation and construction process of every project. We also offer detailed analysis, consultancy and feasibility studies for real estate operations, both in Italy and abroad. We have consolidated experience both in new builds and in renovations, with special regards to restoration of historical and monumental buildings, the pursuit of the latest in contemporary design and the design of wellness and fitness areas in the residential and hotel sectors. He entire design process is accompanied by attention to detail, where our ability to integrate our passion for innovation using new materials with the culture of our best traditions is expressed in a contemporary style, and - not less important – the initial projected costs and economic framework are assured as defined by the needs of our clients. We take care of every aspect of the project for our clients, including the phases of utility systems and engineering , guaranteeing reliable, detailed and complete masterplans and reports.


All our projects carefully consider technological integration so that our buildings reduce their environmental impact. We have over ten years experience in the restoration and regeneration of monuments and architectural complexes under protection by the Superintendence or by other specific limitations.
A selection of our previously realized projects: the restoration of the Romanesque country church complex Santa Maria in Dicomano (Florence), the restyling of the Medici Villa of Poggio Bartoli and the Relais & Châteaux in Vicchio (Florence), the restoration of the grounds and part of the church of Sant’Onofrio in Dicomano (Florence), and other major renovations and building plans for Residential, Retail, Hotel, Restaurant and Spa use in Italy and abroad. Over the years we have been awarded of important professional recognition both for works we have carried out and projects submitted to competitions including a mention for Restoration works in Premio Architettura Toscana and first place in the project competition for ICLAB - International Cultural Laboratory in Florence. All our projects are developed using our unique know-how to coordinate work plans, with the integration of photorealistic rendering so our clients can be involved from the outset.

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