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Focus - Sustainability

Efficiency and quality

Many new projects are based on sustainability, as a response of ever increasing efficiency and quality to the globalized construction model that have ignored site distinctiveness and produced low architectural quality.
Continuous research and a new stable, consolidated supply of green solutions allow us to “dress” project ideas and clients’ needs with optimal responses in terms of space consumption, harmonious landscape insertion, conscientious modernizing of architectural structures with historical or monumental value and energy efficiency and saving. The result is environments that comply with the latest ecology parameters while enhancing their charm and providing comforts. Our projects aim to reduce energy consumption and use bioecological materials in relation to the site specific environmental and climatic characteristics, light exposition, natural ventilation and insulation needed, and to make use of – whenever possible, efficient and economically sustainable – renewable energy sources such as geothermal, biomass, photovoltaic, solar heating and micro wind turbines.

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