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Focus - Wellness

It is now clear that the concept of health is characterized not only by the absence of disease but also by a harmonic, dynamic equilibrium of physical, emotional, social and intellectual wellness, so architecture has always been part of an individual’s search for harmonious wellness.
The word spa is associated with the idea of hotsprings or a business offering hydrotherapy treatments, wellness services and body care treatments since it is the acronym of “Salus Per Aquam“ which means Health Through Water.
The concept descends from such ancient cultures as the Romans, the Asians, and the Northern peoples who believed creating a relaxing place was fundamental to rediscovering equilibrium within yourself and with those around you.
This premise aids in understanding our conviction that starting with an awareness of our great traditions lasting thousands of years, our experience, and using all the new technology and innovations of the sector we can create unique spaces, both private and public, capable of regenerating body and mind. Thanks to our experience in the field and connections with the best brands in the sector, we offer consulting for designing and building innovative wellness and sport spaces uniting atmosphere, lighting, ergonomics, and acoustics.

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