The first thought bioarchitecture provokes is commonly of something applicable only to new buildings or those of the future. And yet, based on what is happening today especially in large and middle-sized urban centers, bioarchitecture is becoming common practice in the renovation of buildings that increases their value in the real estate market and as a private residence.
Straddling luxury and necessity, the principles and materials of bioarchitecture now resolve a pressing problem, especially in historical centers where buildings built in a different era with large surface areas no longer correspond to today’s living needs and often need to be restructured and upgraded.
Firstly, of course, there is growing interest in making energy consumption more efficient and rationalizing living spaces. A class-A building is beautiful, functional and cheaper to live in - and more prestigious. An aspect that with today’s possibilities for materials, work methods and worksite management is also increasingly competitive in terms of costs compared to traditional renovations that are less attentive to the building.
A second reason is that differently from its beginnings many years ago, today’s bioarchitecture can provide truly interesting and significant luxury and characterization. We’re talking about woods, stone materials and their intriguing substitutes, window and door fixtures and also decorative elements offering a better balance of superior aesthetics at an accessible cost - particularly regarding time, modality and programmability at the worksite, the concretely practical center of every good architectural project.
Lastly, as a third point of reflection, it is also important to realize how easy bioarchitecture has made it today – thanks to research into the needs of the small and medium-sized client – to integrate complete house automation into its principles, varying from simple remote control of the main “intelligent” heating and cooling functions to control of all the electrical appliances, lights, air purifiers and everything else that increases the livability, quality and value of your prestigious home.
Factors that in these few years of enormous development have moved the choice of bioarchitecture from a caprice or a superfluously costly philosophy to that of a powerful economic and social motor as well as a sophisticated interpreter of one’s personality.

by Ilenia Girolami

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