Whether it be for your own personal desire, to create real estate value or as a business generator for small and medium-sized hospitality structures, the fitness, beauty and relaxation space is a “must” with many facets. Limitless project creativity can adapt it to any necessity, also in terms of investment and expense.
If a few essential rules are followed. Aesthetics, lighting, colors and acoustics are the guiding principles at the center of every project.
Carefully selecting materials and the few essential pieces of equipment for the functions desired makes the difference between a simple specialized area and an inviting place to go and regenerate day after day. Which doesn’t necessarily mean “luxury” or high-level innovation and technology but the ability to combine materials and functions as an expression of one’s taste and personality. Essential factors that are even more fundamental in the design of spaces that will host our desire for wellness day after day for many years to come.
Even lighting has a essential role. Ideally of course, the natural light, which confers the greatest sense of freedom, is heightened but where this is not possible or is limited, LED lighting in soft natural tones can pleasantly offer satisfaction considering that with today’s notable technological advances many lights are approaching the real light spectrum. Lighting that is suffused or even low instead of direct and scattered is often specifically chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Wellness and Spa project in Villa Garzoni - Project manager Arch. Ilenia Girolami

Color is just as important, especially for its ability to influence mood and duration in the fitness and wellness space. Light and natural colors, for example, are more useful for creating a calm relaxing atmosphere while if we want a more energizing, motivating atmosphere for our physical activity, brilliant, brighter colors are more indicated.
Lastly, other equally important variables can be added such as the use of special natural “acoustic” effects like water, or the introduction of greenery and special vegetation for interiors that contribute a further sense of relaxation or energy.
No less important are the innumerable technologies able to purify the air, heat or cool the rooms, contribute to fitness needs or even recreate “acoustic” areas or simply entertain during sport time with digital images or music to create a truly perfect atmosphere of beauty and wellness.

by Ilenia Girolami

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Studio 13 - Project manager and Direction Architetcture Works Arch. Ilenia Girolami