These long weeks of lockdown have made us rediscover the value of home. Its sense of psychological safety but also the sharing and use of spaces, their specific functions and organization, furnishings and materials. We’ve seen how essential our home is to our lives and not only in terms of status or property.
At this point it is probable that this new awareness will direct new requests to architectural and interior design studios. The client will now want to reflect with us on the fact that air is as important as light, that even in a small space, the right distances and the right degree of freedom can be created, that a natural plaster that breathes is certainly better than an artificial one and that there are ways to make a home more aesthetically comfortable by making the cleaning of rooms and surfaces easier through the simplification of maintenance.Because while it’s true that a home should reflect our personality and guarantee wellness, especially psychologically, it is also increasingly true that everything can be more practical, more natural and, of course, more affordable with shorter worksite and renovation times.
The discovery of how bioarchitecture can influence this will probably become everyday knowledge, just like it will be normal to have a health and relaxation area, however small, inside a home by taking advantage of sizes previously unknown even in a medium-sized or large apartment.
There will also be an increasing tendency towards “intelligent” homes, not only in order to easily turn on the home furnace while we’re in traffic or manage the start time of some domestic appliances, but also to set internal air quality, discreetly filter pollution, allergens and pollen, provide artificial light that helps protect our eyes even better than natural light from the glare of our small and big screens, relax us in preparation for sleep, and brighten our mood. A home that rather than being a container for our everyday life, even a perfectly organized one, becomes a theater for staging our moods and emotions. If all these values are united and become part of the project right from the start, the quote for the work will be the same as before: in duration, in worksite management, and even for costs; plus we’ll “feel at home” after the lesson of this collective experience of everyone staying home.

On the cover: Apartment with roof terrace - Project manager and Direction Architetcture Works Arch. Ilenia Girolami

 by Ilenia Girolami

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