Time to reopen for companies, and public and private activities. Restaurants, hotels, spas and wellness centers, historical buildings and museums are all grappling with the rules of social distancing and healthful spaces and furnishings. A partly resolved challenge, especially if these wellness areas, public structures and monuments were originally designed with healthful materials and environments for community wellbeing in mind. However, the second part of the challenge will regard our sensitivity as project designers as we use new creativity to transform distances from isolation into opportunity – in terms of psychologically engaging with the space and also as a logical consequence of comfort and functionality.
New studies and simulations and also the immediate upgrading of these spaces will necessarily start from some fundamental points.
The first is the rediscovery and salvaging of the naturalness of materials and construction elements and functionality, according to the very topical principles of bioarchitecture, which we have used for years and which offer a wide range of affordable proposals and solutions for any project and worksite.
The second is the judicious use of the wide range of high-tech solutions and materials that often start with a natural raw material to better its performance and cleaning and maintenance possibilities - like, for example, the hi-tech noise and heat absorbing materials, finishings, plasters and paints that are the protagonists in providing insulation and protection for interiors.
Lastly, the designing of spaces and the organization of a building’s ‘vital’ functions should and can result in functional behaviour, able to naturally and spontaneously provide the needed control over gatherings and crowds - a way to avoid the addition of structures obstructing the beauty of places and spaces, especially in the case of ancient cultural heritage monuments or historic and artistic works.

On the cover: Piazza Dante porticos in Grosseto - Project manager Arch. Ilenia Girolami

by Ilenia Girolami

Restaurant and Lounge Bar Project in Phnom Penh - Project manager and Direction Architecture Works Arch. Ilenia Girolami