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Wellness and Spa area in a sixteenth-century Villa

A completely new wellness-spa area constructed inside a splendid sixteenth century Medici villa in the Florentine Mugello hills. Coherent dialogue was required between the historical and traditional value of the building and the functionality of a modern wellness center. Colours, materials and the majestic landscape contrast the new subdivision and optimization of the spaces. The Villa has been enriched with new functions such as a large relaxation area, a more intimate and functionally suitable treatment area and lastly, the encounter with water that is accentuated by the cut of dark stone, cut that becomes a conduit to primeval nature. A complete reconversion, that required the Studio to design and make all the furnishings for both relaxation and the sturdy functionality of daily use. Preserving the historical building as much as possible, the new technology was inserted inside supporting elements of the main building. The expressly minimalist architectural forms which accentuate the modernity of the location in a historical context were drawn up in tandem with the lighting in order to produce a harmonious whole. The lights which delineate the space and create atmosphere are all RGB LED which vary in intensity according to the background music, allowing the creation of a mentally relaxing atmosphere using the environment itself.

Wellness Room Project
Vicchio (Florence)
Surveying, Architecture Project, Interior Design Project, Photorealistic images created by Grafica 3d, Furnishing project.

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