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Poggio Bartoli Villa

Creating a hospitality structure in a sixteenth-century Medici villa. A complete restyling intervention in the green countryside of Mugello. A private devotional chapel underlines its charm and historical monumental value, while the former living spaces of the nobility are rationalized for high quality tourist hospitality, without losing their historical peculiarity and tradition.
A major project requiring reorganization of the second and ground floor areas with the introduction of “modern elements” and careful attention in the choice of luxury materials and finishings.
The result is a perfect integration of the austere majestic envelope of the construction and its interiors which become functional to hospitality with rooms of various shapes and sizes, common rooms, a wellness area and utility areas such as the kitchens. In the park, where the terrace and pool with its solarium were refurbished, the lighting project played a fundamental role in restoring elegance to the sumptuous architecture.

Restyling of the Villa at Poggio Bartoli
Vicchio (Florence)
Surveying, Architecture Project Direction Architecture Works, Safety Supervisor, Interior Design, Utility Systems Engineering Supervisor, Cadastre Filing

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