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Studio 13

A project which imparted a strong, resolute look to the new rehabilitation center and gym “Studio 13” in Florence. A place where wellness and a correct lifestyle characterize the owners who came to us to create their style and an overall coordinated image. The rooms were conceived to reflect the functional needs of the doctors, trainers, and physiotherapists who work in the structure and each area has a precise theme in relation to the functions carried out there. Materials and colours delineate routes and functional areas which are modulated in relation to the emotion they instill. As well as the layout and interior design, where we produced made-to-measure furnishings and objects specifically designed for the site, we also took into consideration the logo and all the graphics. A project in-the-round uniting sport, wellness, and medicine where we were able to apply our “global design” ethics. Immediately at the entrance, the center of the project, is the logo with the name and the distribution of the  functions and the stairs, which become a characterizing element in contrast with the light-colored  floor. Another fundamental aspect of the project is the screen of colored strips that separates while allowing a view of the activities behind it. A plasterboard display case contains a football, the element that created the synergy to create this space, in particular with the Fiorentina football club where the owners have a fundamental role together with the medical staff. Besides the areas open to everyone, we worked on the individual rooms together with their users who asked us to tailor them to their needs. The continuously dialoguing lighting, materials, and colours were minutiously studied to create harmony and synergy suitable for this kind of space.

Fitness Center and Sports Rehabilitation Project in Florence
Architecture Project, Interior Design Project, Photorealistic 3D images, Furnishing project.

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