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Restoration of Enrico Fermi Middle School in Turin

The project resolves the issues required by the tender call in an integrated manner through a series of interventions that take advantage of the situation to functionally reorganize the building without obscuring the original morphology and yet create overall coherence and resolve the energy and structural issues.
The functions open to the public were concentrated in a wing of the building with an independent access, “Block B”, with the Library on the mezzanine and the creation of a Multipurpose Room on the first floor using a lightweight glass and iron structure, characterized by a strong connection to the outside thanks to a panoramic terrace.
The reorganization of the vertical distribution will allow the existing emergency stairway and elevator shaft, only modestly integrated into the original structure, to be demolished.
To solve the problems of heat loss, cladding consisting of a layer of ecological insulation with air chambers will be applied and externally faced with gres, consequently increasing the thickness of the walls by around 20 cm.

International Competition
Giovanni Agnelli Foundation
Competition for the restoration and reorganization of Enrico Fermi Secondary School in Turin

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