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Our project, the winner of the competition, was inspired by the founding principles of the ICLAB center: flexibility, dynamism, and creativity. Following this source of inspiration, the solution intends to create a skylight/glass roof that is an outward sign of what occurs inside the multicultural center. The proposed skylight/glass roof changes from a simpler to a more complex form as it burrows inwards from outside. In this sense, the deeper meaning of the proposed structure is to show that cultural exchanges between different peoples can stimulate each one of us to better ourselves and become a more dynamic person.
In this case, the new projecting glass roof becomes the place where the two accesses to the structure unite, which will be explained further on.
The proposed project strives to resolve the contradiction of a scarcely visible main access remote from the lift by creating a double flight of stairs for the multipurpose use of the space. The new flight of stairs facing the hotel would become the main non-mechanized entrance in the case of a single-purpose use of the space and for other needs, it would serve as a separate entrance. The second flight of stairs situated further from the glassed-over entranceway has two functions: to separate the entrance from the exit in the case of major affluence and to act as an escape route. Thus, this latter ramp is relegated to a secondary role as it is less suitable as an access given its decentralised, hidden position relative to the structure.

International Concept and Design Competition - 1st PLACE
ICLAB - Intercultural Creativity Laboratory
International Concept and Design Competition for ICLAB - International Cultural Laboratory.

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